Finding Food Items and German Ingredient Names

Huge can of pickles, in the vegetable section at Rewe.

**Please NOTE - many items here list Rewe as a source.  Not all Rewe's have every item.  Although the Rewe in Weisendorf does!  I believe that the Rewe near Burger King (Cumianastraße 3, 91058) in Erlangen usually has most items as well... and the Rewe at (Karl-Zucker-Straße 10, 91052) is smaller, but has many items as well.***  is a great resource to find substitutions for items that may not be available here, or only available seasonally. 

All Spice- Apfel Kuchen Gewurz 

Baking Powder - Back Pulver,  Baking Aisle

Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) - Natron, , Baking Aisle - Arm & Hammer available in the American sections at Rewe or Real.

  • filet mignon - Rinderfilet - available at most butcher counters, when available, you just have to ask!
  • sirloin - Rinderhüfsteak (spelling?) available at most butcher counters, when available, you just have to ask!
Bleach- Bleich, available at Rewe, brand name DanKlorix, cleaning section...
I have also found that I like the Vanish Whitening (comes in a white - not pink bottle) as a substitute for Clorox Gentle.  Much better for doing a load of whites than actual bleach.

Brown Sugar - Not Available (See Recipe to make your own HERE) The brown sugar here is un-refined sugar, which causes the brown color - it is NOT the brown sugar we are used to baking with, which is basically regular sugar mixed with molasses... see molasses for where to get it and make your own...

Brown sugar can also be substituted with light or dark muscovado sugar, which CAN be purchased at Denn's.  To find a Denn's location, click HERE.

Campbell's Tomato Soup - available in the American section at Rewe.

Campbell's Soup - Other flavors -

Cereals - - you can get Rice Krispies at Globus up in Forcheim. Globus also has the Nestle Shreddies which is a lot like Wheat Chex cereal. (Globus and all stores in the Globus complex take credit cards). Willy-Brandt-Allee 1, 91301 Forchheim, Germany‎ - 09191 9777-0‎ (These cereals are also available at other stores. )

Kaufland on Carl-Thiersch-Str. for good prices.

I found Shreddies in the Kaufland by the FIS. Shreddies are also now available at Rewe.

Aldi has a generic version of Cheerios.

Cheddar cheese - Kaufland has it and then in the Erlangen market on the street, the cheese guy who speaks like 5 languages has a great organic cheddar. Rewe carries it in the "special" cheese cooler.  Globus usually has it if you ask at the cheese counter.  But this is not cheddar cheese, like from home.  The taste is approximate, but it melts poorly.  On occasion Lidl will have British cheddar, vacuum sealed, which freezes well.  It is highly recommended!  They have it during British week, and at other times. Aldi sometimes carries the Kerry Gold brand of Irish cheddar. 

Cilantro - Cilantro is known as Koriander here in Germany. Yep! You heard me right! Coriander as we know it comes from the seed of the coriander plant, but when you let it grow into a plant, we call it cilantro, and use the leaves as fresh or dried herbs. Here they still call it corinader!

You can find it in most town markets or farmer's markets. 

Buy Koriander here:

Frucht Karabag
Approximately Nürnberger Straße 55
91052 Erlangen
(You have to ask for it... "Haben Sie Koriander?" They always do.)
I have seen it at Kaufland on Carl-Thiersch-Str. a couple of times, but not frequently. Yum, yum!

You can also buy it at Denn's - to find a Denn's near you click HERE.

Clotted Cream Spotted December 2014 Nürnberg Karstadt grocery store (lower level)

Cocoa Powder - Kakao - Coffee and Tea Aisle

Condensed and Evaporated Milk - see post HERE.

Corn Flour - Maismehl

Corn Starch - Speisestaerke - comes as either Maisstaerke (from corn) or Kartoffelstaerke (from potatoes) both should work equally as well.

Cream of Tartar - Weinstein Backpulver - located in the Bio section at Rewe

Crisco - Can be found in the American Section at Rewe, but it is very expensive! I use Palmin or Biskin, the German version of shortening (fett,) which is available in the butter cooler of the dairy area.

Fish  - Most grocery stores do not have very good fresh fish sections I'm afraid, but some do pretty well.  If your grocery store doesn't have good fresh fish, they probably have a good frozen section.  If you can get the Deutsche See brand in your frozen section, you will probably like it (a little more expensive, but worth it - available at Rewe.)
  • salmon - Lachs
  • tilapia - Tilapia
  • scallops - Jacobs Muscheln
  • shrimp - Garnelen
Globus has a pretty good fresh section, and Handelshof frequently has a good frozen selection.  Many stores also have a certain day of the week, like Thursday or Friday where the "fish guy" comes in his truck, and selss fresh directly outside the store.  Handelshof does this, among others.

Flour - See post on flour HERE.  This post explains the difference between the different German flour types, and why all your baking may be coming out flat!

Hershey's Syrup - available in the American Section at Rewe. 5.79 Euros for a bottle, but at least it lasts a while!

American Section at Rewe in Weisendorf.

Horseradish - Meerretich - not exactly the same, but pretty close!  Flavor is right, but consistency is different.  Located near the mustard and condiments.

Marshmallow Fluff - available at the American section in Rewe or Real.

Mexican Food Items - Old El Paso Mexican food items are available in the international section at Rewe or Real, and in larger Teguts, but you can find a more extensive selection at Mex-Al, a Mexican store located at Bügstr. 87, 91301 Forcheim

Molasses - Zuckerrübensirup - with the Jams and Jellies and Honey, brand name at Rewe is "Grafschafter Goldsaft" with a yellow label.This is a bit different than the molasses we have at home, but it will work.

More traditional molasses you can get at the Reformhaus on Hauptstrasse in Erlangen (by the outdoor market area) and also at other Reformhaus locations – Herzo, N-berg, etc.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers - see post HERE.

Okra - Edeka (in jars)

PAM - cooking spray, available at Rewe in the American section.

Premade Icing – American section at Rewe, chocolate only.

Refried Beans - Cumianastr. Rewe in Erlangen

Ritz Crackers - Available in the cracker section of Real.

Various American and British Groceries -