Pregnancy, Childbirth and Playgroup Resources

The link below is to a series of eight articles which ran in "The Local" ( ) on grappling with pregnancy and childbirth as an English speaker in Germany.  When we were building this page, we started discussing building all of this material and then found this great series of articles...  it pretty much covers everything, so it saved us a ton of work!

Motherhood in the Fatherland

An Article from Expatica - click HERE.

Info on "How To Germany" website on Maternal Matters...
click HERE

And for a Glossary of Terms with German Translation, see our post here...
Glossary of Terms - Pregnancy and Childbirth

How To Germany Article on Elterngeld, how it works, and who is eligible - click HERE.

How To Germany article which covers almost every aspect of pregnancy care and childbirth. - click HERE.

English Speaking Playgroups: 
Note: On Facebook, most are "closed" groups, meaning you must request permission to join.

Nuremberg: On Facebook "Nuremberg Toddler Playgroup" Meets Tuesday mornings rotating between private houses and cafes, Thursdays at a community center, as well as ad hoc meetings organized on Facebook.
NICE (Nuernberg International Children's English) a private group (you must be a member to participate). Contact them for more information.
Nuremberg Bumps and Babies (Facebook)- a group for pregnant moms and or moms with babies under 1 (with meet ups!).

Herzo: On Facebook "Thursday Morning Playgroup"  

Erlangen: On Facebook "English speaking toddler group" contact Schenkstrassse 111, Erlangen on Tuesdays 9.30-11.15am.

Stadt Bibiliothek (City Library): Saturday mornings 10:30 - 11 English Storytime