Most of the items listed below include links to their websites.  If the store is a chain, use the "Filial Suche " to find a location near you, if your area isn't listed...

Baby Items (Furniture, Gear, Strollers, Buggies, etc.)
  • Baby-Walz in Nürnberg: Vordere Ledergasse 16-20, 90403 Takes credit cards in the store.
  • Baby-One - Fritz-Gastreich-Straße 3, 90765 Fürth, Laufamholzstrasse 40-42, Nuremberg
    Rofu Kinderland - Waldstraße 99, 90763 Fürth in the Phönix shopping center. Biggest toy store I've seen around here. They also had baby supplies, strollers, etc.. And some good craft stuff and seasonal decorations as well... Great for Fasching costumes as well
  • Höffner   In der Schmalau 40, 90765 Fürth - regular furniture, plus baby gear. 
  • XXXLutz - Ingolstädterstraße 20 u. 22,90461 Nürnberg - regular furniture, plus baby gear.
  • Home 24 (online)
  • Tausendkind (online)
  • Verbaudet (online)
Children's Clothing:
  • - women's, men's and children's - cute stuff, good prices
  • Boden - English company with German website, English website will also ship here (sometimes the exchange rate makes these prices lower!) has baby, mini (0-12) and teen (12-16) clothes as well
  • Ernsting's best prices for cute things.  Can be hit or miss...
    • Herzogenaurach Hauptstr. Walking Are
    • Erlangen Hauptstr. Walking Area
    • Nürnberg
    • Forcheim
  • Gymboree - ships internationally at low rates. Example as of March 2014 up to $125  ships standard for $28
  • H&M - consistently cute, a little more expensive than Ernstings
    • Erlangen Arcade
    • Nürnberg Walking Are
  • Jacadi - adorable high-end French clothing, location in the shopping area in Nuernberg Kaiserstrasse 1-9
  • Jacko-o - Mid Range Prices, also great toys, online
  • Kornblume - High End Prices, also great toys, Erlangen Hauptstr. 43 Walking Area
  • LiloFee - Very cute high-end kids clothes, good when you need dressy items. Hauptstraße 60, 91054 Erlangen
  • Second hand shop for babies and children. Martin-Luther Platz 3, Erlangen
  • Zara - available online, and Karolinenstraße 24-26. in Nuernberg As of March 2014, free shipping to stores and free returns.
See post on shopping for kids clothes online HERE.

        Waldstraße 103
         90763 Fürth (It's the exit after the Ikea exit on 73. from there either use your GPS or         google maps...)
         Geisseestraße 61-63
         90439 Nürnberg

         Lichtenfelser Straße 10        90427 Nürnberg

Mostly a furniture store, but had good prices on Christmas decorations, and fun stuff...
  • Ikea Fürth, Poppenreuth exit off 73
  • Impressionen - website and catalog
  • Möbel Fischer 
    • Rathgeberstr. 45
      91074 Herzogenaurach
    • An der Regnitzbrücke 5
      91301 Forchheim
    • Polsterwelt (Upholstery)
      Sigmundstr. 110
      90431 Nürnberg
    • Küchenwelt (Kitchens)
      Sigmundstr. 110
      90431 Nürnberg

  • Möma   Two locations in Nürnberg, one in Hirschaid. Details here.
  • Höffner   In der Schmalau, 90765 Fürth
  • XXXL  Ingolstadt-Straße 20, & 22 Nuremberg


Home Decorating (All Furniture Stores above include decorating items):
  • Butlers
    • Erlangen Walking Area - Hauptstr. 18, 91054 Erlangen
    • Nürnberg - Kaiserstr. 1-9, 90403 Nürnberg
  • das Depot - Breite Gasse 5, 90402Nürnberg - now also in the Erlangen Arcaden basement or Untergeschoss! 
  • Impressionen - website and catalog

  • Idee! - Best craft and art store I've found yet!  Breite Gasses 25, Nürnberg
  • Herzo Store - not sure of the name, but it is in the walking area in Herzo.  Includes arts and craft supplies.  Good assortment.

  • Zapfino! Specialty shop with a large assortment of different vinegars and oils (and other items.) Will construct a gift basket for you!
    Bahnhofstrasse 2
    91074 Herzogenaurach
  • Australiss
    Unique and affordable jewelry, scarves and gifts, including fun gourmet wine and food items.
    Martin-Luther Platz 5
    91054 Erlangen
  • Karstadt - Königstraße 14 90402 Nürnberg  - my favorite, and easy to park at if you park on Adlerstr.  Has a great assortment of fabrics and trims since they expanded the department.  Also has craft supplies and a large bead assortment.  Found on UG1 level.
  • FEMA Stoffe Friedrichstr 40, Erlangen - favorite location in Erlangen.  Good assortment, but can be pricey.
  • Stoff Bauer - Kirchenweg 14, 90419 Nürnberg
  • Maderer Stoffzentrum - Peterstraße 7, 90478 Nürnberg
  • Müller has great prices on trims and thread, etc.
"German" Items:
  • Trachten Mode - Traditional German Dress (Dirndls, Lederhosen, etc.)
    • Der Burgtorladen and Die Tracht - two separate locations of the same store in Rothenburg.  Reasonable prices for good quality.  Herrngasse 36 and Obere Schmiedgasse 19, Rothenburg o.d. Tauber
    • Trachtenmode Store - Hauptstr in Bayreuth (located just to the left of the Subway restaurant in the walking area)  Great prices on good quality. 
  • Wooden Christmas Items:  Christmas Markets

English Books:
  • Amazon Deutschland To find English books, select "Englische Bücher" in the drop-down list of the "Suche" field.
  • Thalia - small selection,Erlangen Arcaden, 2nd floor; larger selection Huguenots Pltz & Hauptsstr.
  • Herzo Library
  • Erlangen Library
  • Osiander - Grüner Markt 16, Bamberg. Small English books section, but the selection rotates often.

  • Greiner - Hauptstr. 65, Erlangen, dishes, pots and pans, cutlery, grills, gardening, etc.
  • Müller Nürnberger Straße 10, Erlangen (Not Herzo or Erlangen Hauptstr. Müllers - they don't have the large cookware assortment that the Erlangen location does)
  • Cookmal! Nürnberg

  • Spielzeugstübchen Erlangen
  • Baby-One for Fisher-Price, Chicco, etc. (Nürnberger Straße 31, 91052
  • Jacko-o - Mid Range Prices, also great toys,
  • Kornblume - High End Prices, also great toys, Erlangen Hauptstr. 43 Walking Area
  • Müller for Haba brand toys
  • Rofu Kinderland - Waldstraße 103, 90763 Fürth in the Phönix shopping center. Biggest toy store I've seen around here. They also had baby supplies, strollers, etc.. And some good craft stuff and seasonal decorations as well...
  • Ellwanger Freizeit and Spiel, Herzo 
  • Deichmann - Nürnberger Straße 7, Erlangen (also in Nürnberg, Heßdorf, & Neustadt a.d. Aisch)affordable, and sturdy kids shoes... ladies section isn't bad either...
  • Jello Poppenreuther Str. 72, Fürth Poppenreuth
  • Mengin high-end, very good quality shoes.  4 Erlangen locations, 3 Nürnberg locations Fürth, Forcheim & Würzburg - link is to list of stores and adresses.

  •  Kik - discount clothing and non-food items - very affordable kids clothes, sometimes really cute stuff, and good seasonal items.  These are located in lots of little towns.  Link takes you to the store finder.
  • dm - drogerie - best prices on diapers, good cosmetic assortment, and other items. Decent photo printing (online and at a kiosk) with good prices. These are located in lots of little towns. Link takes you to the store finder.
  • Karstadt - Königstraße 14 90402 Nürnberg - huge department store, lots of items in all categories.  DON|T MISS - the basement where all the food is... you'll love it!
  • Müller - great for toiletries, cookware, seasonal items, toys, dvds and games, stationary items, and general household goods. Great selection of travel sized products.
  • Mäc-Geiz Great for cheap school supplies, seasonal decorations, gift wrap and household cleaning supplies. Offers brand name products at a discount and some off brand products.  
  • Globus - closest thing to a Wal-mart in Germany.  Not quite as big as Wal-mart, but has everything from groceries, to toys, clothes, household items, electronics etc.  Also has a Baumarkt, and McDonalds.  Many locations, but closest is Willy-Brandt Allee 1, 91301 Forcheim
  • Peter Schauer Nürnbergerstraße 116, Bamberg Best store I have found for all of your fun party needs! Funky straws, costumes for Halloween and Fasching, dopey gag gifts, tacky (but fun) Christmas decorations, a very large, fun store. 
Post edited and verified for accuracy December 2019