What to Bring!

Many have us wish we had known a few things before we came as far as what is and what isn't available!  So here's a look back on what we probably would have packed if we'd known better!  Many of the items on the list are available, but are either expensive, hard to find, or a pain to get.  Please understand this is based on our opinions and might not include your favorite foods!  If you have questions feel free to email me and I'll let you know if you can get it!

Your movers may tell you that you can't ship food items in your household goods - but you can absolutely ship canned and dry goods.  We did brought some... so I know that it is possible!  Batteries have to go in a suitcase or air shipment.

Upon first arrival- if you can get some food items into your suitcase, or air shipment, might help you adjust a bit better as you get accustomed to shopping and food items here!  Takes a while to figure everything out when you're still struggling with the language!

Final thought - most of us absolutely LOVE living here, and have totally adjusted to what you can and can't get.  But if we'd known, we probably would have stocked up on a few of these!  Especially when it comes to Christmas baking and favorite meals.

Chili Powder
Tony Chachere's Spice
Lowry's Seasoning - or any of your favorite spice mixes...
Old Bay
Taco Seasoning Packets (Old El Paso is increasingly available here)
Ranch Dressing Mix
Enchilada Sauce
Cream of Mushroom/Chicken/Potato Soup - ANY Campbell's or other brand soups that you cook with!!!
Tomato Soup - available here, but 5 Euros a can!
Canned Baked Beans
Brown Sugar - can be made, but I always stock up while home!
Sweetened Coconut
Canned Pumpkin - Totally not available!
Canned Sweet Potatoes or Yams - Totally not available!
Mini Marshmallows - available but can be hard to find
Chocolate Chips
Caramel for Caramel Apples!
Butterscotch Chips
Cake Mixes, Brownie Mix
Pam Cooking Spray (or purchase a refillable oil sprayer)
Baker's Joy Spray
Vanilla Extract
Lemonade/Kool-Aid Mix
Lipton Tea Bags
Maple Syrup
Root Beer
Favorite Gum - selection is more limited here.
Wheat Thins
Cheerios - especially if you use these with toddlers.
Toddler's Freeze Dried Yogurt Drops

Clorox Wipes!  Windex wipes, etc.
Measuring Cups - only metric will be available here!
Good Saran Wrap - Cling wrap here doesn't tear well, or cling well.
Ziplocks of Varying Sizes - they do have ziplocks here, but only have one or two sizes of the kind that have a zipper.  SO if you like the large sizes load up on those!
Cupcake Liners for Pans
Secret Deodorant (your specific brand, mine is Secret)
Tampons with applicators, if that is what you prefer. Tampons here are the ob kind. 

Slingbox for television. You buy the box at an electronic store in the USA for $100-200. It has to be hooked up to a friend or family members tv in the USA (example a spare bedroom) but we get American tv and don't pay the monthly bill of SKY.

Vonage is a great deal for a telephone. Even though you can get cheap phone plans in Germany, the difference with a program like Vonage that uses voice over IP then your friends and relatives in the States have a local US number to call you so it is free to them to call you in Germany. YOU NEED A PHONE FROM THE USA< THE JACK IS DIFFERENT.

Pharmacy Items- You can get all of these here - but not by brand name.  And they can be expensive, and usually don't come in the large bulk bottles we're used to.  Oh - and you have to go to a specialized Apotheke to get it, there are not pharmaceutical items in grocery stores and the like!)

Prenatal Vitamins
Advil Cold & Sinus
Tums...oh my gosh, TUMS!!!!
Tylenol PM
Hydrocortisone cream (OTC is usually 1% in the US, here the max without prescription is .05% and that makes a huge difference)
Contact Lens Solution (They have this, but you may prefer it from home - I use it from here)
Tide Pens
Ovulation Predictor Tests
Pregnancy Tests (They have these, but instructions will be German!)


Plug adapters, lots of them, always bring more than you think you need

Marmite, Bovril, gravy browning
Golden syrup, Treacle, canned caramel
Brown sugars, although these are increasingly easier to find, Rewe even stocks organic muscavado sugar
Some breakfast cereals - Cheerios, Ready Brek
Bacon - not a cut that you will find here, if you transport it here make sure you choose a vacuum packed kind
Sausages - yes Germany is the land of the Wurst, but you won't find your usual pork and apple or pork and leek kinds
Condiments - Branston pickle, Mint sauce, Salad cream, pickled onions, malt vinegar
Canned soup - Heinz is not a big brand here although Baked Beans are easily available
Squash/cordial - Ribena has yet to arrive in Germany
Cadbury chocolate - harder to find but not impossible, if you have a particular favourite you might want to consider bringing some 
Individual sized bags of crisps, and flavours like Prawn cocktail and Worcestershire sauce if they are your preference
Baking - Vanilla extract, fondant icing (pre made birthday cakes are very uncommon in Germany, you are unlikely to be able to buy one at the supermarket)
Custard powder
Christmas products - Christmas pudding, mince pies, mincemeat, suet

Vanish bar

All medicinal items must be purchased at an Apotheke (Chemist/Pharmacy), products are available, albeit under other brand names, although the costs will generally be a lot more than in the UK
Painkillers - Paracetamol, Ibuprofen etc
Lemsip, Night nurse and cold and flu related products
Zyrtec and other hayfever and allergy related products